Tove with  Storm, Carmen and their puppies in the "Juvenil"-litter




We are proud to present the mating between  Terra Polar's Aktive Ville and BIS DKCH INTCH DEVDHJCH DEVDHCH NOCH SECH NORDCH KBHV11/14 DKV11/12/13 DKKV11/12/13 NORDV12 KLBCH  SE(polar)CH Juneau's Drifting Ice.

Puppies willo be borne around the 10th of  may.

Ville is of middle size, she is well built and has very good movement. She is a sociable and friendly girl and is working very well in front of the sledge. She has 3 certifications from shows and has 2 of 3 test to become a working dog champion. This will be Ville's first litter.

Ice is in all ways a fantastic boy. He has a very nice temperament, has a strong and well-built body and a big joy for working. Ice is owned by Anetta Johansen and Anders Gram Kristiansen, is bred by Bitten Poulsen, kennel Juneau. He has a lot of top-results from shows. Last summer he was in USA;  AMCA Regional BOW (5 points major) and AMCA National BOW (5points major). He is Swedish Working champion,( Dragprov 10 kilometers (1.pris), Dragprov 60 kilometers (1.pris) and Dragprov 100+ kilometers (1.pris), Polardistans 16o kilometers.  He also has 2 x 1pr from obediens, class 1.  

Both Ville and Ice have A-hips,  their eyes are clear and they do not carry the polyneuropathy-gene.  






We have mated Terra Polar's Xl Abile with N TCH NJV-12 Terra Polar's Aktive Robin.

Puppies are expected in the end of april.




Abile is a large and well-built female. She is very relaxed and kind. She has been to shows 3 times; all with excellent. Sh also has Ck.  Abile has approved  one of three tests to become Norwegian Working champion. This will be Abile's second litter, in 2013 she gave birth to a single puppy; Saga.

Robin is a middle size boy. He has a fantastic trotting and is working very good in the team. He is Norwegian Working dog champion. From shows he has 2 certificates, several res.certificates and CK. This will be Robins first litter.

Both  have eyes clear, they do not carry the polyneuropathy-gene and  have hips free. Abile has B-hips and Robin has A-hips.







We have mated  N Uch N Tch Terra Polar's Tenace Tiril  and  N Uch  Kiwalina's Sioux Yaro.

Puppies are expected in the end of may.



Tiril  is a strongly built female with a high working attitude.  She has all the time gone as a leader in the team .  She has a very good trotting and we also see that her offspring do have the same good movement. Tiril   is a dobble champion;  both from the showring and as a sled dog.   

Yaro is bred and owned by Irene and Knut Holten, kennel Kiwalina.  Yaro  is a N Uchampion og has  2 x CACIB og several BOB . He has 2 x slede dog certificates and has the distance-test. Yaro was on Irene's team  in the World Championship in 2008  where they got the third place in 3 x 42 kilometers in the class with 4 dogs. 

In Tiril's last litter we kept 3 puppies and we are very satisfied with them all. They are very well built, are hard-working in  front of the slede, they have a very sweet behaviour and  a very good health. They all have A-hips, their eyes are checked clear. Two of them have so far been to shows with exellent, ck and res.certificate / certificate as results.  All three of them can work as leaders in the team. Both parents are gen-tested  for the polyneuropathy (PN) and are free from the gene. That means that the puppies do not have to be tested.                                                                                                                                   These are the reasons why we have done this combination again as we did in 2011.








Terra Polar's Oktroa Aika is mated with  Ferrari Del Lago Degli Orsi.  Puppies will be born in week 22.

Aika has 1 AK from exhibition. She has approved the sled-dog-test and has one sled-dog certificate.  She has participated in the Polardog-race over 100 kilometers  four times, every time she went as a leader in the team.  She has also approved the new malamutetest 4 ( 100 - 200 kilometers).  Aika  is  very sweet, simple and a hard working girl.   We have imported Ferrari from  Italy, Gloria Urbani. We got him home when he was 8 weeks old.  He is out of pure Storm Kloud lines. Ferrari is 64,5 centimeters , has very powerful bones. He has  2 x ck from exhibitions and he was clubwinner in the class for 6 dogs this winter ( 2010)  Ferrari is 2 years old..

The 28'th of may 8 puppies were born; 5 males and 3 females.

1 week old

1 week old





Italian Class Del Lago Degli Orsi is mated with  Terra Polar's Viva Vito. The puppies will be born in week 19

Italian Class Del Lago Degli Orsi was bought from  Italy, Gloria Urbani, when she was 9 weeks old. "Cara" is  out of pure Storm Kloud-lines.  She has 1 pr from exhibition.  She was clubwinner in the class for 6 dogs team  this winter  (2010)  This will be Cara's first litter Terra Polar's Viva Vito has ck from exhibition. He has approved the new Malamutetest 4            ( 100-200 kilometers)  and was clubbwinner in the class for 6 dogs in the team this winter. This will be Vito's first offsprings.


The 12'th of may Cara got 3 puppies; 1 male and 2 females.


2 weeks old

3 weeks old

Foss 3 weeks old







We have mated Terra Polar's Tenace Tiril  with  N S Uch NV-05 -07 Noatak's Bearclaw Courage De Breeze.  The puppies will be born in week 32.


Tiril is taken to shows twice and has a  1 price and CK fra NKK show. She has joined 1 race; NAMK's 50 kilometer at Femunden in 2008.  Tiril is a powerful built girl. She is strong, is very eager in front of the sledge and has very good movements.  Courage is owned and bred by  Kristin Esseth  and Christer Afseer in Sweden. He is beautiful, has a very spesial personallity and is a very hardworking sleddog.  He has managed the requirements to the title  S Polardogchampion.  The winter  08  Courage went in Christer's  winnerteam in Polardistans  (300 km)  and he was number 2 in the world Championship  ( 6 dogs-team, 3 x 52 km) together with  Kristin.

The puppies were born the 10th of august;  1 male and  8  females.

1 week old

Tiril + a little girl 1 week old

1 week old






We have mated   Terra Polar's Oktroa Aika  with N ch NV-03,04,06 N Tch Terra Polar's Noble Storm, and a bloodtest has confirmed that Aika is carrying puppies. They will be born around the 17th of november. 

Aika has 1 AK from exhibition. She has approved the sled-dog-test and has one sled-dog certificate.  She has participated in the Polardog-race over 100 kilometers three times, every time she went as a leader in the team.  Aika  is  very sweet, simple and a hard working girl.  

Storm is owned by Jo Fuglesteg. He has very good results from exhibitions as well from sled-dog competitions; he is Norwegian Champion, Norwegian Winner in 2003,2004 and 2006, Norwegian Sled dog champion. He has two times participated the race Polardistanse over 300 kilometers.  Storm is strong and has a very great desire to work, he is a very nice and  pleasant boy. 

Both Storm and  Aika  are very good types for freighting , build  to pull heavy sledges over time. They are strongly built and are over middle size, just like we prefer the malamute.

November the 11th the puppies were born; 2 females and 6 males.

4 days

4 weeks

7 weeks




Keikewabic's Coco Chanel and Terra Polar's Robust Rambler have been mated, and puppies are expected the 17th of august.


Rambler 3 years old

We bought Coco from Canada, Kennel Keikewabic, Maureen Anderson, when she was a puppy. She has moved from our home to Monica and Gunnar in Orkanger. Coco is expecting her second litter. She is a very sweet and happy girl, has very pleasant manners. 

Rambler  has also moved to Monica and Gunnar. This is the first time he is bred. Rambler is a very friendly and simple boy, and he is very keen on working. 

Ultrasound has shown us that Coco is pregnant. You can contact Monica : 73107272 / 40637671  or  Tove: 32744155 / 91314457

The 17th of august 2 males and 5 females were born.






We have inseminated Terra Polar's Oktroa Aika  with semen from N Ch Dk Ch N Tch Terra Polar's Glacier Frost. 

Frost is dead, but we have saved semen from him, and are looking forward to get puppies from this combination. 

They have both the norwegian sled-dog test,  Aika has joined the Polardog-race 100 kilometers twice, both years she went as leader in the team.  Frost has joined several Polardog-races 100 kilometers, he went on the winnerteam in Technical Trail 300 kilometers in -98. He is Norwegian sled-dog Champion. Frost was always working very hard, never shirking.

Terra Polar's Oktroa Aika

N Dk Uch N Tch Terra Polar's Glacier Frost

The 7th of june Aika gave birth to 8 puppies; 1 female and 7 males. 


6 days

Aika with her puppies 6 days old


3 weeks and 4 days

4 weeks old



We have mated  N Uch Terra Polar's Noble Jadi  with  Inupiat's Qipmich Tuuq

Jadi BOB at  NKK's show  Bjerke aug.-05


Jadi became Norwegian champion  this summer. Hun has sled-dog test, og has joined several races as the Polardog-race 100 km.  Hun works good in the team and is a nice girl. This will be Jadi's second litter.

Tuuq is a very nice and easy boy. From Tuuq får we get both Barrenfield Artillery System (Perma's father too) and  Terra Polar's Delta Ka-Tun, who we don't have behind our mals any more. Tuuq is owned and bred by kennel Inupiat, Turid Teigen. 

17th of december 2 female puppies were born.

1 week old





In may we mated Terra Polar's Oktroa Aika  with N.Uch Skotbuskogens Togo. This is  Aika's first litter. Aika is a female who is very easy in all matters. She works good in front of both pulka and  slede, and has shown good talent as leader of the team.   Aika has passes the sled dog test. She went on the sled-team in the Polardog-race over 100 kilometers.

 Togo is a very friendly male, he is a good sled-dog and is always concentrated about his tasks both in the exhbition-ring or in front of the slede.  Togo has also joined several dog-races.He is bred and owned by Sidsel and Odd Østerås.

Akia ( her mother Canis behind)

N Ch Skotbuskogen's Togo

18th of  july  8 puppies were born; 3 males and 5 females.

the birth is over

first day to visit outdoors

I can hooooooowl !



We have inseminated Terra Polar's Noble Jadi with semen from Can Ch Keikewabic's Ice Breaker. Owner and breeder is Maureen Anderson, Canada. Breaker has a very nice temperament, and one of his best preferences is his movements. Jadi has two certificates from exhibitions, one CACIB. She has passed the sled-dog test and has joined some races (In -03 she was number 2 in the 50-kilometer ). This will be her first litter.


Can.Ch Keikewabic's Ice Breaker

6 puppies were born the 17th of september


3 weeks old

5 weeks

only male 5 weeks





We have inseminated our female Nord.Ch, SV-00, NV-02, N.Tch Terra Polar's Juvenil Canis with frozen semen from   

Am Can Ch Barrenfield Artillery System (Artie)

Canis is a hard-working female.  She works good alone in front of the pulka, and is also very good as a leader in the team. We are very excited about this litter, and do hope there will come some puppies in the end of august.                          




31th of august Terra Polar's Prima Perma was born.


Perma 4 weeks old

Perma 11 weeks old




We have also inseminated our female imported from Canada; Keikewabic Coco Chanel. We have used frozen semen from our late        N Ch Terra Polar's Alfa Storm .

Coco has not joined any sled-races yet, but we hope she will be ready for this the comming winter. She has been to few shows as well, but do have one certeficate.

Storm has been one of our dearest malamutes. He was a very nice, friendly male. He was a very good leader in the team, and he has also given this qualities to several of his offsprings. Storm  joined many races ( among others  the Polardog-race 230 - 100 kilometers,  9 times) , got 2 sleddog-certificates and did also have "approved sled-dog test".




Storm 2 years 1988

The 5th of september Coco gave birth to 3 males and 4 females

Terra Polar's Quiet Hekate,Imre and Tundra

Playing in the snow













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