In the club-championship Olav started with 4 dogs. 8 teams joined this class  and Olav ended up as number 2. He got led-dog-certificate on the team, and Terra Polar's Lesto Tramp  got the title Norwegian Sled-dog champion. The other dogs in the team were Terra Polar's Oktroa Akisu, Terra Polar's Oktroa Aika og Terra Polar's Prima Perma.

                                                                           Akisu og Aika  in front,, Perma and Tramp behind.  Foto : Elin Berntsen


The Polardog race.

This year Olav  joined this race for the 20th time. When we got through our suggestion to close this race for other breeds than Grenlanddogs, samojeds and malamutes, we also wanted  this race to be only for 1, 2 and 4 dogs teams. We did not succeed in this, it was deceided that also teams with 6 dogs could join the race. Later it was also opened for open class ( max 12 dogs).

During the years Olav had joined many different classes in the Polardog-race, but never with  4 dogs. Therefor he would  do it this year. He raced with the same 4 malamutes as in the club-championship. He was the only musher with 4 dogs, but he had several teams with 6 and 8 dogs to compete with. The dogs worked very well, and they ended  with the total 4th best time . 

                        Eager to get started.     Just started, 110 kilometers is waiting for them.                      Foto Elin Berntsen

Tramp, Akisu, Perma and Aika are all large, strongly built malamutes, and are all very good types as freighting dogs.                                   Tramp; 72 cm and ca 50 kg, Akisu 70 cm and ca 45 kg, Perma 63 cm and ca 36 kg, Aika 62 cm and  ca 35 kg.                                      They are all very  hardworking, and with a team like this it is not necessary to put in more dogs in the team.





Aika, Jadi, Imak, Akisu and Tramp from the Polardog-race

This winter we have had a lack of snow, and therefore problems in giving  the dogs enough kilometers in front of the slede. Olav has also had an injure in his arm, and this has caused big problems. Our team has joined only one race this winter ; the Polardog-rase over 100 kilometers.  Olav started in this rase for the 19th time. They ended up as number 4 in the class for 6 dogs. 




The Polardog-race

Olav joined the Polardog-race for the 18th time.  This time he had 5 dogs in the team. The dogs were Nord.Uch, N.Tch,SV-00,NV-02 Terra Polar's Juvenil Canis, Terra Polar's Oktroa Aika, N.Uch, NV-02 Terra Polar's Noble Imak, Terra Polar's Lesto Tramp and Terra Polar's Oktroa Akisu. He was number 3 in the class for 6 dogs.







The Polardog-race 100 kilometers

This winter the Polardog-race had 20 years jubilee,  and Olav joined the race for the 17th time. As the last years the start and end of the race was at Femunden. Olav started with 2 dogs (Nord.Ch SV-00 NV-02 N Tch Terra Polar's Juvenil Canis and Terra Polar's Lesto Tramp)  and pulka, skiing.   

Result: Nr. 1  in his class.  

start  of the Polardog-race with Olav, Canis og Tramp

finally at the end





The Frighting-race did  this year start and end at Vasstulan on  Dagalifjell.  The distanse was  30 kilometers,  and as earlier the weight was 35 kiloes on the males,  30 kiloes on the females . Both Olav and Bjørn started with Terra Polar's Lesto Tramp and  Terra Polar's Karnivor Baluba. It was totally 11 teams in the class.

Result:           Nr. 1  with certificate :        Olav  and  Tramp

                        Nr 3  with  certificate :        Bjørn  and Baluba       Baluba became sleddog-champion .



Bjørn and Baluba after the race, Tramp behind.





From the club-championship, where Olav had Canis, Jadi, Baluba og Tramp in the team. This was Terra Polar's Noble Jadi's first   race, and she did not join more races this winter.  We are looking foreward to let her join the team next winter..

















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