Terra Polar's dogs and people

N.Uch Chorus Lines' Praded, imported from Belgium in '92

The world exhibitions in Brussels 1995

Int. N. S. Uch, N. Tch Terra Polar's Delta Ka-Tun

The borders were just opened and it was tempting to compete at a word exhibition. I travelled down to Brussels with Int.ch, N.S.ch, N. Tch Terra Polar's Delta Ka-Tun.

120 malamutes were entered, 60 bitches and 60 males. Ka-Tun ended up fourth overall with the critic "excellent".


Olav with G-Tanok (grenland-dog) and Ike (AM) from the Polardog-race in 1984.

The Polardog-race was first arranged by the Norwegian Polardog club in 1984. The track was placed on Hardangervidda, starting and ending at Rjukan Fjellstue. The track was 165 kilometers in length.

Olav participated with Trekkhundklubben's G-Tanok (grenland-dog) and N.Uch Topkok's Canadian Ike (AM).

The race has been 230 kilometers in lenght at the most, before being reduced to 100 kilometers  and closed for other breeds than the samojed, grenland-dog and the malamute.

Olav has participated 20 times. He has participated in most team classes. The Polardog-race is a race  with a lot of tradition. Hopefully it will remain.

BRIEF from the '98 season

The Polardog-race in 1998


Preparation for the Technical Trail 1998 ( 300 km)


First checkpoint Technical Trail (60 km)
behind in the middle in front

N. Dk. Ch N. Tch Terra Polar's Delta Carmen (female 7,5 years, 35 kilos - 62 cm)

N. Dk. Ch. N. Tch Terra Polar's Glacier Frost (male 4,5 år, 41 kg - 69 cm)



N. Tch. Terra Polar's Inuit Ludde Lupus (male 3,5 years, 55 kilos - 72 cm)

N. Tch. Terra Polar's Inuit Talu (female 3,5 years, 35 kilos - 63 cm)

Int. Ch, N. Ch, S. Ch N. Tch Terra Polar's Delta Ka-Tun (female 7,5 years 35 kilos - 62 cm)


Olav's description of the dogs after the run:

«The dogs seemed quite fresh at the start, though they had finished the Polardog-race only two days earlier. The exception was perhaps the leader dog, Ka-Tun, who probably thought it had been a long season. Working as single leader in practice and running a whole season is a tough job, not the least mentally. This meant that she was unwilling at leaving the checkpoints. But when she got started she did a great job. The last 45 kilometers she showed her strength by leading the team to the best time of the stage.

Ludde: An incredible combination of strength, endurance and spirit. The main engine of the team. Talu: Quick, strong, working evenly. Looses some concentration when there's a team right behind. Carmen: Strong, works good uphill. Some problems with diarrhoea and vomiting half way through the race, but the problems disappeared eventually. Frost: This year he has learned to limit him self, so he lasted through the whole race. He is quick and contributes at setting the speed of the team. Also plagued by diarrhoea.»

The Polar Post's comment to the race:

All of Olav's dogs on the team are owners of the title "Norwegian Slede dog - champion" (N.Tch), and also the only dogs that already had run 100 kilometers  from the Polar dog race, two days earlier. This race also resulted in the dogs winning their own class. Witnessing particularly well trained dogs, it was a solid effort one must take one's hat off for.   

 The season of 2001

The 50-kilometer on Femunden

This winter Olav is back on his skis again, it has been a while.

Here from the 50-kilometer on Femunden, where he won his team's class with N.Tch Terra Polar's Inuit Talu (to the right) and Nord. Uch, SV-00, NV-02, N.Tch Terra Polar's Juvenil Canis.

Sigrid and Baluba

Sigrid Ekran has been with us driving Terra Polar's Karnivor Baluba in three races this winter. Despite being completely inexperienced with dog racing, it has turned out very well. 

Fraktløpet (Freight run): no 4 of 15

NP's club championship: no 1 of 5

the 50-kilometer: no 2 of 8

Baluba has two sled-dog certificates.

In June-01 we imported Keikewabic Coco Chanel from Maureen Andersen, Canada. She was 4 months at the time when she arrived in Copenhagen. For six months she had to live in Denmark, with Thomas and Jeannie. In december we could finally take her home, 10 months old. Coco is a friendly, happy girl who quickly settled in. Now we look forward to follow up on her development. 

  Keikewabic Coco Chanel  

Coco 16 months

Oct 5th -02 was Coco's first exhibition on NKK's in Fredrikstad. 

Result : certification, res.cacib, 2 best female.



Olav and Tramp

The Freight race was arranged for the second time, and 15 teams participated  Olav paricipated with Terra Polar's Lesto Tramp. It was Tramp's first race. The 30 first kilometers went well. They ended up as number one and Tramp recieved his first sled-dog certificate. During the season he has also approved the sled-dog test.

Olav og Canis, Tramp, Baluba and Talu.

The 50-kilometer race was arranged as usual at Femunden the first weekend in march. Olav participated with  Nord.Uch,SV-oo, NV-02, N.Tch Terra Polar's Juvenil Canis, N.Uch, Dk.Uch, Terra Polar's Lesto Tramp, Terra Polar's Karnivor Baluba og N.Tch Terra Polar's Inuit Talu. The result:  no 2  in the 4-team-class.

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